Recreational housing

Buen Popular (Norway)

These recreational homes in Norway bear traditional Norwegian design features.

Buen Storodde (Norway)

This model, which is the most popular and widely sold in Norway, boasts optimal planning – as big as it needs to be and yet as small as possible, it is the flagship of the Norwegian recreational housing market.

Buen Popular (Sweden)

These recreational homes close to a Swedish ski resort have a simpler exterior design than their Norwegian counterparts, but are just as functional and built to the same exacting standards.

Juha sauna (Finland)

This traditional sauna complex in Finland fits in perfectly with its surroundings, where cottage culture is ubiquitous.

Buen Stav&Laft (Norway)

The houses in the Stav&Laft series feature sturdy columns made from single logs as well as an interior and exterior finish which is coarse and robust.

Rett i Bakken (Norway)

This modern recreational home in Norway has a bold design and its own unique nuances. The luxurious interior design is suited to even the most demanding taste.

Ogna Himmelrommet (Norway)

A very special project of holiday houses from our partner Woodland AS.

Nordic Mart (Estonia)

We made this classic and stylish summer house for Mart Poom – the best Estonian footballer of all time – and his family.

COMPACT S summerhouses (Netherlands)

Nordic COMPACT effective four-house ensemble of leisure houses.

Ogna Camp XXL (Norway)

A project of Woodland AS, the developer and the main contractor for our long-term partner.

Kenneth Hansen (Norway)

This highly individual recreational home in Norway was planned to the smallest detail.

Private homes

Sihi 58 (Estonia)

Designed and built according to special plans, this is a modern, energy-efficient home in Estonia.

Erik (Estonia)

This is a traditional single-storey private home in Estonia in Scandinavian style.

Duhn & Grunewald (Germany)

A timber home in Germany featuring traditional architecture.

Home in Sandnessjøen (Norway)

The interior planning of this modern and luxurious private residence in Norway was based on the client’s vision of their future home.

Vesiniidu (Estonia)

Here the romance of Norwegian mountain cabins has been adapted to the natural environment of Estonia.

Kiruna (Sweden)

This timber administration building is situated in northern Sweden.

Frode House (Norway)

A private home in Norway. This home was designed and built in Norway according to the client’s wishes. 

Nordic Pearl (Norway)

This elegant and yet quite funky villa in Norway sits like a precious pearl on the seashore.

Nordic Blue (Norway)

This home in Norway was an entry in the Pre-fab Building of the Year contest in 2016. Urban design and a private home perfectly matched to its seaside surroundings are combined with old foundations and an historical building.

Nordstrand - Brannfjellveien 29 (Norway)

photographer: Sven-Olof Engund (XL-Studios)

Nordic Compact Salmistu (Estonia)

photographer: Sven-Olof Engund (XL-Studios)

Terraced housing & apartment buildings

Larsson - Tallbackegatan (Sweden)

photographer: Sven-Olof Engund (XL-Studios)

Hove Gård (Norway)

This smart and people-friendly living environment features 42 apartments, with a number of the terraced houses being car-free at ground level – all of the parking spaces being in one big underground car park.

Grødem-Gård (Norway)

This development project, featuring seven terraced houses, manages to make optimal use of the land it’s situated on by giving residents a feeling of having their own home and their own backyard despite being so densely packed in. This was achieved by spacing the houses out over three storeys.

Sola (Norway)

This is a compact apartment building designed for four families. What makes it special is the elegant use of laminated timber on the façade. It took a very respectable third place in the Pre-fab Building of the Year competition in 2013.

Interesting features